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World Fire and Ambulance Manufacturer Logos -V-

(1990's - Bradford, NM)

Valley Fire Truck Co
(1959 - 1963 - Bay City, MT)

Van Buren
(1920 - 1980? - Long Island, NY)

Van Pelt
(1925 - 1987 - Oakdale, CA)

(Unknown - date - Unknown)

(? -Date - Williamstown, VT)

FMC (Unknown) / Van Pelt (1925 - 1987 - Oakdale, CA) / Crown (1949 - 1970 - Los Angeles, CA): In the early 1980s, Van Pelt sold out to Food Machienry Corporation (FMC), which also bought-out California's other major fire apparatus manufacturer, Crown Firecoach of Los Angeles, CA. Six Van Pelt fire engines were mounted on the last six Crown Firecoach fire apparatus chassis ever made. These six fire engines bore both the Crown and Van Pelt nameplates, and were marketed under the name "FMC Roughneck". Three of those 6 six Van Pelts (or were they Crowns?) were sold to San Jose, CA, in 1985, and were in service until their retirement late in 1998. As of the summer of 1999, all three were sitting in the yard of the San Jose Fire Department Repair Shop, on Bird Avenue, awaiting disposal. With San Jose Fire Dept. in the process of building a fire museum to house about 30 antique fire engines, one can only hope that at least one of these three "last of its make" Crown/Van Pelt fire engines will be preserved in the San Jose Fire Museum.

VTech (? -Date - Williamstown, VT): VTEC is Vermont Fire Technologies in Williamstown, VT.



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