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World Fire and Ambulance Manufacturer Logos -I-

Imperial Fire App Co 1
(1969 - 1976 - Rancocas, NJ)

Imperial Fire App Co 2
(1969 - 1976 - Rancocas, NJ)

Indian Motorcycle Co
(1928 - Springfield, MA)

Indiana Fire App
(1975 - date - Mays, IN)

Indiana Tank Co
(1977 - 1983 - IN)

Innovative Coach Works

(Unknown - date - Unknown)

International 2
(Unknown - date - Unknown)

International Harvester
(1910 - 1975 - Chicago, IL)

(Unknown - Germany)

Interstate Fire Equip
(unknown - Fargo, ND)

Interstate Truck Equip
(1990 - date - Hagerstown, MD)

Interschutz (Unknown - Germany): Regarding the logo for "Interschutz", Interschutz is the name of the big industrial / Fire apparatus show held in Germany.  It is like a large conference and apparatus display as one would find at the International Association of Fire Chief's here in the States (held yearly in a different city each year).  Only, Interschutz is about 10 times bigger.  The rooster is the German maskot for the German fireservice.  The Interschutz logo is used similarly as the IAFC logo is used here in the states.  No apparatus is marketed using that logo. Thanks - Jan R. Dunbar, Retired - Sacramento City.

Pemfab (Pemberton Fabricators) (1976 - 1998 - Rancocas, NJ): Pemfab, A division of Pemberton Fabricators was in business building custom chassis, first as "Imperial Fire Apparatus" from 1969-1976. Then it was "Chassis by Pemfab" 1976-1985 and then "Pemfab Trucks" Here is the name plate the company used 1985-1995. The company was sold in 1996 to Fire Cab and in 1998 ceased operations For your Info The logo you show (with the horses) is art work which was created for print advertising and never used on a truck.


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