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World Fire and Ambulance Manufacturer Logos -F-

(193? - 1946 - Oakland, CA)

FAE (Fire App Eng)
(1939 - 1950 - Clayton, NY)

(1937 - 1939 - Oakland, CA)

(unknown - Woodville, MA)

Farrell Mfg Co
(unknown - Locksport, NY)

(1950's - Somersworth, NH)

(1982 - date - Holden, LA)

(1982 - date - Baton Rouge, LA)

FESCO (Fire Eng Sup Co)
(1970 - 1972 - unknown)

Filleul, James B. & Sons
(unknown - Manchester, NH)

Fiore Interface Research & Equipment Inc. (Fire Tyke)
(2000 - Albuquerque, NM)

Fire App Co of Texas
(1967 - 1982 - Wichita Falls, TX)

Fire Attacker (Hummer)
(1993 - date - Maumee, OH)

Fire Bann
(1992 - date - Ontario, CA)

Firebird, Calavar
(1970 - 1980 - Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Fire Boss
(1969 - 1976 - Fort Worth, TX)

Fire Brand
(unknown - unknown)

Fire Cab (unknown - unknown - Rancocas, NJ)

Fire Cab (unknown - unknown - Chambersburg Pa )

Fire Cat (EDC) (also Flextrac-Nodwell)
(1965 - 1970 - Dallas, TX)

Fire Champ
(unknown - Mt Pleasant, IA)

Fire Classic - See Classic Fire

Fire Combat
(unknown - unknown)

Fire Control Engr.
(unknown - Ft. Worth, TX)

Fire Fighter Truck Co.
(1949 - 1962 - Rock Island, IL)

(1980 - Burbank, CA)

Firefox Corp
(1970's - Houston, TX)

Firehorse, Continental
(1980 - Bellevue, WA)

Fire Master
(1954 - 1956 - Mount Clemens, MI)

Fire Master 2
(1996 - Springfield, MO)

Fire Master 1
(1996 - Springfield, MO)

(2000 - Shirley, NY)

Fire Max
(1992 -IL)

Fire Power
(1980 - 1981 - FL)

Fire Pup
(1980 - ? - Harrisburg, PA)

Fire Tec
(1980- 1982 - Fort Worth, TX)

Fire Trucks, Inc (FTI)
(1960 - 1988 - Mount Clemens, MI)

Fire Truck Specialties
(1993 - Lodi, OH)

Fire Wagon
(1951 - Mount Kisco, NY)

(1993 - Lakeland, FL)

(1971 - 1983 - Lynnwood, CA)

(? - date - Apple Creek, OH)

First Out Fire App.
(1996 - date - Toledo, OH)

(unknown - NY)

Five Alarm Fire App.
(unknown - unknown)

Flextrac-Nodwell (also Fire Cat)
(1965 - 1970 - Calgary, Canada)

Flour City Body Co.
(1940 - 1943 - Minneapolis, MN)

(1973 , 1979 - Tipton, IN)

(1993 - 1995 - Santa Clara, CA)


Foam Boss (CDN Research)
(unknown - unknown CA)

Foamite-Childs Corp
(1923- 1928 - Utica, NY)

(Unknown - date - Dublin, VA)

(Unknown - date - Unknown)

(194? - date - Madelia, MN)

Fort Gary Industries
(1979 - date - Winnipeg, MB)

(1976 - date - Meyersdale, PA)

4-Guys 2
(1976 - date - Meyersdale, PA)

Fouts Bros
(1996 - date - Smyrna, GA)

Freightliner (American LaFrance in Virgina)
(1993 - date - Spokane, WA)

Front Drive Motor Company (see Christie)

(1965 - 1988 - Mount Clemens, MI)

(1980's - Kissimee, FL)

FWD (Four Wheel Drive) 1
(1914 - 1965? - Clintonville, WI)

FWD (Four Wheel Drive) 2
(1914 - 1965? - Clintonville, WI)

Fire Fighter Truck Co. (1949 - 1962 - Rock Island, IL): I recently purchased a 1954 gmc 450 fire truck equipped with a fire fighter truck company apparatus package. Knowing that you collect logos and needed this one i did some research. I started by contacting the rock island county historical society library and found them to be listed in the 1953 city directory. Their address was 3148 5th avenue rock island and a name Jackson U. Buchanan was listed. I then contacted the Rock Island Fire Station and they had me contact Daryll Unzel . The following information was obtained from him - the building at 3148 5th avenue was torn down 15 yrs ago, he thought all records and files were destroyed, and that he was not aware of any company logo. the apparatus i have has a chrome name plate attached that simply reads - Fire Fighter Truck Company Rock Island ILL.

Fire Master (1954 - 1956 - Mount Clemens, MI)/Fire Master 2 (1996 - Springfield, MO)/Fire Master 1 (1996 - Springfield, MO): I read where you thought Fire Master Inc. was started in the early 60's. Well being the niece of one of the owners of the company I would like to let you know that I was born in 1950 and lived across the street from my Uncle. He would some times bring trucks home for all the kids in the neighborhood to get all excited about. I have some where pictures of me at 3 or 4 sitting on the runner of the trucks. I do know that they made many more trucks for the U.S. Service Depts. and I would not be surprised if they made them for the Korean War. There is also an old truck behind one of the Deaborn Plants, out of service. I would to buy and restore it but finances won't allow it. If we ever win the Michigan Lotto and since we are moving to Monroe Mi. which is close the Ohio border, we could double our chances down there. M Uncle, James Scott Waddell was one of the kindness men I have ever known. He and his wife, Aunt Bea were childless but with all the kids who lived them and all the love they had for all of us, took some of that loneliness away, I am sure. He would take us to the factory when we were older. Before he could get out of his mouth 'don't hit the siren' you can be sure at least 5 siren's were wailing. One of my more favorite moments. Oh I just realized that I forgot to tell you this factory was in Mt.Clemens Mich. Stay Safe and Careful, Julie Drennan-Broilo

Fire Trucks, Inc (FTI) (1960 - 1988 - Mount Clemens, MI): FTI was in business before 1965, as there were several trucks in the Philadelphia Fire Dept., I think these were on 1960 Internationals. I was in the Lumberton Fire Co. #1 and we purchased a 1961 International with an FTI body. The body was sold by the Allegheny Body Works, Columbia Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. and delivered in November 1961. We no longer have the truck, but the emblem was black with a chrome border, with white capital letters. FIRE TRUCKS INC MT. CLEMENS,MI.

FMC (Unknown) / Van Pelt (1925 - 1987 - Oakdale, CA) / Crown (1949 - 1970 - Los Angeles, CA): In the early 1980s, Van Pelt sold out to Food Machienry Corporation (FMC), which also bought-out California's other major fire apparatus manufacturer, Crown Firecoach of Los Angeles, CA. Six Van Pelt fire engines were mounted on the last six Crown Firecoach fire apparatus chassis ever made. These six fire engines bore both the Crown and Van Pelt nameplates, and were marketed under the name "FMC Roughneck". Three of those 6 six Van Pelts (or were they Crowns?) were sold to San Jose, CA, in 1985, and were in service until their retirement late in 1998. As of the summer of 1999, all three were sitting in the yard of the San Jose Fire Department Repair Shop, on Bird Avenue, awaiting disposal. With San Jose Fire Dept. in the process of building a fire museum to house about 30 antique fire engines, one can only hope that at least one of these three "last of its make" Crown/Van Pelt fire engines will be preserved in the San Jose Fire Museum.


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